Living with IBS: Tips to Make Travelling Easier


Managing irregular and often painful bowel symptoms involves much more than accommodating minor inconveniences. The challenges are many, and effective treatments few. Travel, whether for leisure or work, can be very difficult for those with IBS. The uncertainty of when and where symptoms may occur can cause fear of not being able to control symptoms … Read moreLiving with IBS: Tips to Make Travelling Easier

Living with IBS: Relationships and IBS

Relationships and IBS

Family and personal relationships can have an effect on illness and on how well you will feel as you live with your IBS. These interactions have been described by family medicine experts. Here are some relationship factors, which are particularly relevant to IBS: Put the illness “in its place” – that means being concerned about the … Read moreLiving with IBS: Relationships and IBS

Pregnancy and IBS

pregnancy and IBS

Women of reproductive age represent a significant portion of patients with IBS. There is evidence that the menstrual cycle influences IBS symptom. This suggests that ovarian hormones, which are elevated in pregnancy, may contribute to GI symptoms. But, there are limited laboratory data to support this claim, and little is known about effective treatment strategies … Read morePregnancy and IBS