Probiotics Reduce Autoimmunity in Infants Diabetes

Infant Diabetes

Challenges of diagnosis and management for Infants Diabetes Infants who are at genetic risk of developing type 1 diabetes and who were given probiotics before 3 months of age had a 33% reduction in the risk of pancreatic beta-cell islet autoimmunity, according to new results from an ongoing international study in over 7000 children. Ulla … Read moreProbiotics Reduce Autoimmunity in Infants Diabetes

Probiotics and prebiotics: Why you need both and where to find them

probiotics and prebiotics

Looking to step up your health and give a little something good to your gut? Adding probiotics and prebiotics can give your diet a dash of extra nutrition. Let’s break them down, though, just so it’s easier to tell them apart, understand their differences and digest their benefits. What are probiotics? Probiotics, according to the … Read moreProbiotics and prebiotics: Why you need both and where to find them

Overview of Probiotics

overview of probiotics

About Probiotics Probiotics are live microorganisms which are either the identical or similar to microorganisms naturally located inside the human intestine and may be valuable to health. The digestive system is residence to approximately 500 distinctive species of bacteria. They help maintain the intestines healthy and help in digesting food.  The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) makes use of other terms for live microbes … Read moreOverview of Probiotics