Probiotic Treatment For Chronic Kidney Diseases

Probiotics prevent kidney damage
Probiotics prevent kidney damage

Nephrologists have proposed probiotic treatment for chronic kidney diseases to prevent further damage to the kidneys.

Dr Pradeep Deshpande, senior nephrologist at Gandhi Hospital, said, “The food we eat is broken down into toxic compounds which are difficult for the kidney to filter. People with kidney problems find it difficult to deal with these toxins.
Hence, the kidneys have to work harder. Introducing probiotics with medicines can reduce  the toxins.” Drugs are unable to reduce the toxins created by food. Dr K.S. Nayak, senior nephrologist, Deccan Hospital, said, “Our concern is that it is very expensive. The cost must be worked out for the patient’s benefit.”
With the stress being put on saving organs due to scarcity of cadavers or  living donors, doctors are looking at options that would help save the kidneys. Only 20 per cent of the patients  are able to get kidney treatment and opt for transplant facilities.

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